The Shoulders-Gray-Spindt award

The Shoulders-Gray-Spindt (SGS) award, named after the founders of vacuum microelectronics/nanoelectronics, Ken Shoulders (late), Henry Gray (late), and Capp Spindt, has been created in IVNC to promote the work of young researchers in the field.

The SGS award is given for the best paper by a student or a postdoc at IVNC conferences. The selection will be based on review of the extended abstracts of candidates by selected experts. Please see the application process below.

You can find the list of past SGS awardees here.

The Ken Shoulders’ momorial lecture given at IVNC 2014 by Dr. Hans Koops is here.

How to apply

Prepare submission

Submit your short abstract to the conference before the deadline. If your short abstract is accepted (oral or poster), prepare your extended abstract.

Recommendation letter

Beside your extended abstract, a recommendation letter from your supervisor is necessary for the application.

Send application

Submit your extended abstract by the designated deadline. In addition, please send the extended abstract and recommendation letter to the conference office (address:, subject line: SGS award application – [your full name]) and indicate that you would like to be considered.


Founders of vacuum microelectronics/nanoelectronics

Kenneth R. Shoulders

Kenneth Radford Shoulders (1927 – June 7, 2013) was an experimental physicist and inventor. He has been attributed the title, ‘Father of Vacuum of Microelctronics’ and been known as a founder of microelectronic field emission devices.

Henry F. Gray

Henry F. Gray, a Naval Research Laboratory physicist and senior research scientist was a pioneer in the field of vacuum microelectronics technology.

Capp Spindt

Capp Spindt gave his name to Spindt array, in which the individual field emitters are small sharp molybdenum cones (Spindt tips). He developed this technology at SRI International.