River cruise on the Danube to Walhalla

Walhalla – the German Hall of Fame – is in the small town Donaustauf on the northern shore of the Danube River just downstream from the city Regensburg in Eastern Bavaria. This neo-Classical Parthenon-like marble temple is famous tourist attraction and a great day-trip destination from Regensburg.

Walhalla is a very popular pleasure boat cruise destination from Regensburg. Cruising down the Danube River to Walhalla is arguably the most romantic way to approach this marble temple. The round-trip cruises take around three hours and include a 75-minute stop at Walhalla.

Boats depart from Regensburg from the south bank of the Danube River just downstream from the Steinerne Brücke (Stone Bridge).

From the boat landing at Donaustauf, it is around 360 steps to the entrance of the German Hall of Fame.

Although the weather is usually nice and warm in July, it is always advisable to be prepared with a jacket, umbrella, hat, sunscreen, etc.

The Walhalla is unfortunately not accessible by wheelchair, and the terrain could be uneven and grassy. If you have difficulty walking or have any special needs, please let us know as soon as possible at